Director Message


Our ultimate focus is character building through education. We nurture the academic skills, fine tune the aesthetic sense and fill the mind and heart with nationalistic timber. We work towards building a holistic culture that values the individuality of each pupil, helping them realise their innate potential. We believe in overall development of personality of a child through academic and co-curricular activities. We are chiefly concerned with developing three basic powers in a child i.e; power of concentration, power & decision making and power of unselfishness through value education system. Our academic and co-curricalar activities have been designed and executed in such a way that we can find an individual talent blossoming with its perfections as a 'True Citizen, a human being.

We give our pupils wings of ambition, courage skill and practical wisdom, so that they can soar like falcons to touch the unexplored space to redefine it. We endeavor to make them global citizens who can look beyond geographical limitations and be ready to promote a healthy culture of nobility, service, sacrifice love and peace and universal brotherhood.

P. Prabhakar

Founder Message


Children are divine creation and divine too is their innocent childhood. When they smiles with sparkling eyes, a pure sense of divinity, hope and happiness spreads everywhere. Our duty is to prepare conducive environments, to direct and to give appropriate dimension to the blooming childhood. The school plays a vital role in shaping and molding and furnishing the character, behavior and code of conduct of a child.ln the school, through a proper system of teaching and learning, a child becomes able to manifest its innate power in various competitive zones. The school prepares a right platform to launch his/her career as a successful citizen for future and a noble being. It is the collective responsibility of both the parents and the educators to be alert, to be friendly and to be very strict or careful during the period of synthesis of a child into a adolescent scholar.
So, at every label of standard, we prepare our children to compete, to face and finally to become a winner in the race of life. We try our level best to inculcate the high values of righteousness in thought, in words, in action which will be fruitful yielding selfdependent, selfreliant and selfsufficient citizens of tomorrow.
But the dream of an 'Ideal School' remains half untill the active participation of parents in guiding and shaping their wards. So, let's take an oath to bless our children with divine smile and happiness for ever by active co- operation and mutual understanding in maximum benefit to our children.

S. Chandra
(Founder Chairman)